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Alone Whatsapp Status

  • Time for Strength, Travel Alone.
  • I’m Tired of Waiting for Nothing.
  • Other Ways You Should Go Alone.
  • It is very difficult to live alone in life.
  • I’m Tired Of Falling In My Love.
  • Just Leave Me Alone. I Know What To Do
  • ALONE But I’m empty Without You.
  • They Will Ignore You Until They Need You.
  • Never Give Up Your Hope, Or Alone.
  • I’m Not Alone, But I’m Lonely Without You.
  • I Care About Someone Who Does Not Care About Me.
  • You Won’t Leave Me Alone, Will You?
  • I Need Only A Little Time… Charging.
  • Being alone hurts more than it hurts.
  • I Like to Listen to Lies When I Know the Truth.
  • I wish I could ignore you, the way you ignore me.
  • It’s Better to Be Alone Than To Be In The Wrong Company.
  • If You Want to Be Powerful Learn to Fight Alone.
  • Sometimes I Feel Like I’m In The Dark
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Alone. Don’t Be Afraid To Love It.
  • If You Speak Alone Every Time You Will Always Be True.
  • If You Are Afraid to Be Lonely. Do Not Try to Be Righteous.
  • Leave Our Limits Alone. Let’s Solve Our Problems.
  • The Most Difficult Travel Alone But It Is Also Powerful.
  • Loneliness Is Not Alone, It Is The Feeling That No One Does Care.
  • Loneliness When You Have No One To Say You Are Lonely.
  • It sucks to be Alone, Or There Are People Around You.
  • Always stand for what is right, even if you are standing alone.
  • I Almost Hate To Let People In Life Because They Always Go
  • I Don’t Hate People, I Just Feel Better When They’re Not.


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  1. Lol, Today You Say Hello To Me I’m Dead.
  2. You are My secret. My beautiful little secret.
  3. I don’t care how we meet, I’m just glad we did.
  5. I’m Losing Someone Right Now And That Person Is You.
  6. You Are Smile In My Face And The Beat Of My Heart.
  7. The Best Feelings When You Look At Him And Already Look.
  8. You Are the Kind of Person I Want to Be When I Want to Be Alone
  9. When You Love Someone, You Just Do It. None But, No Maybe And No Why.
  10. Even If We Can Be Together Finally, I AM HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE BEEN A PART OF MY LIFE.
  11. One day, I caught myself smiling for no reason, I realized I was thinking of you.
  12. I Hate Waiting. But If Waiting Means To Be Able To Be With You, I Will Be Forever With You Forever.
  13. And When I Loved You, I Saw, I Never Loved A Man. I realized, I would never love a person the way I love you.
  14. Yes I Am Selfish Because I Will Never Share With You Through Someone Else.
  15. The Best Thing If You Look At Her And She’s Already Imitating.
  16. When I Close My Eyes, I See It. When I Open My Eyes, I Remember You. (Whatsapp LoveStatus)
  17. To You, I Have Found The Love Of My Life & Y Best Friend.
  18. I’m Not With You My Beloved But I Will Always Be Around You.
  19. Love Is Like A Game. Some People Cheat And Some Choose To Play It Equally.
  20. I Fell In Love With The Way You Touched Me Without Using Your Hands.
  21. I Love It When I Hold You You Look At Me And You Smile And You Look Away.
  22. My Love Is Not Perfect With You. Help Me Complete My Love.
  23. I Know I’m Not Your First Love But I Hope I’ll Be The Last Of You. (love quotes)
  24. I Not Only Love You For What You Are But What I Am When I Am With You.
  25. Attraction is a temporary love but love is an eternal advertisement.
  26. I Love Our Story. Messy, But It’s The Story We Found Here.
  27. Love Lives Wi-Fi, You Can’t See It, But You Know When You’re Lost.
  28. Missing Someone Is Your Heart’s Way To Remind You That You Love Him.
  29. True Love Continue, We Don’t Know How And Where It Happened
  30. Every Day of My Life Is Perfect Because It Begins And Ends With Love. (lovestatus)
  31. I Am A Professional Single Person With My Heart Taken By Someone I Cannot Call Myself.
  32. We Will Not Love One Another Second If We Lost Love.

life Whatsapp status (Lifequotes)

1) Life Is One Time Offer, Use It, Will.

2) Life Is Not Easy For Those Who Dream.

3) You Change Your Life By Changing Your Heart.

4) There is always something to be thankful for.

5) Happy Life A Collection of Happy Times.

6) Sometimes The Things That Change Change Us End Up.

7) Life Is Too Short To Spend Waste In Hating Other People.

8) It Takes Only One Person To Change Your Life: You.

9) One Of The Biggest Diseases Is Not For Anyone.

10) Life outside is like a broken pencil, no point.

11) Life Is Made Many Times Combined To Burn Together.

12) Life Is Like Images. We Improve From Evil.

13) Forget the Problems of the Day Remember the Blessings of the Day.

14) What You Can Choose, Make Sure It Makes You Happy.

15) Forget What Hurts You But Never Forget What He Taught You

16) A Well-Written Life Is About The Same As A Well-Spent One.

17) The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Hurt You.

18) Every New Day Provides New Things And When We Create New Memories.

19) No Violence. It Does Not Mean Worry All Your Days.

Heart touching status

1) Come Here. I missed you.

2) I officially remember you!

3) I Feel I Am An Unwise To Remember You.

4) It Is Not Enough To Say I Remember You.

5) I Will Stop Remembering You When I’m With You.

6) I Remember You As A Square That Remembers His Nuts.

7) I Hate To Admit It But I Will Always Remember You.

8) You Can Make Me Miss You Like No Tomorrow.

9) After All This Time, I Still Remember You, Every Day.

10) I Remember the Sound of Your Voice. I miss you, baby.

11) I Wish I Would Kiss You Instead Of Missing You.

12) I Try Not To Remember You. But in the end, I still do it.

13) If You Think I’m Lost It’s Hard. Try to remember it.

14) Missing Someone Is The Best Feeling In The World.

15) I miss you. I Don’t Know If Something Else Will Be Said.

16) I Want To Kiss Him Instead Of Remembering Him.

17) I Remember A Time When I Said Something To You.

18) In the Sea of ​​Men, My Eyes Will Always Seek You.

19) I Wish We Can Go Back To How We Use It. I remember That.

20) I’m TIRED OF GETTING TO YOU I Want You Here For My Case.

21) I Have Done Three Things Today: I Miss You, I Miss You And I Miss You.

22) Visual Crawling Time If You Miss A Loved One. I missed you.

23) When I Remember You, It Seems All The Songs I Listen To Are About You.

24) You Can Get Out Of My Eyes But Never Get Out Of My Mind. I missed you.

25) The Worst Part Of Remembering You I Don’t Know If You Remember Me.

26) Come and kiss this pain. I’m Alone Without You. I missed you.

27) There Is No One Time All Day, When I Don’t Remember You.

28) When I Close My Eyes, I See It. When I Open My Eyes, I Remember You.

29) If you start sending me power, remember, I never went to Walkaway. He lets me go.

30) I wish you were here or I was there or we were together somewhere.

31) What I Can Always Do When I Remember You I Stare At Your Photos & Smile.

32) Sometimes When One Person Is Lost, The Whole World Looks Lost To People.

33) When I Remember You, I Also Read Our Old Conversations & Smile Like And Idoit.

34) Missing Someone Is Your Heart’s Way To Remind You That You Love Him.

35) Or I Spend All Day With You. I Miss You the Second Second.

36) He Is Not Only The Man On Earth, But He Is The Only One Who Matters.

37) I Go To Your Page Because I Miss You, And Then You Regret Because Of What I See.

38) Life Is Short, Very Fast. Hours Alone We Should Be Together, You And I.

39) I Remember You But Maybe Not The Way You Remember Me, I’m Pretty Awesome.

40) If You Can’t Get Someone From Your Head, It Might Be As They Were.

41) I miss you so much My heart is pounding, my head is lost, I miss you. I love you.

42) When Your mood is wrong for no reason, you are losing someone.

43) I Try Not To Remember You. I’m Trying To Allow Fo. But in the end. You’re Always In My Mind.

44) I Keep Myself Busy With What I Do, But Every Time I Stop Time, I Still Think About You.

45) Sometimes It’s Not Missing Someone. It wonders if they come to remember you.

46) You May Not Be With Me But Your Thoughts Remain In My Heart. I missed you.

47) I have seen you, I have sought you, I have found you, I have loved you, I have loved you, I have lost you, I have missed you.

48) One day I caught myself smiling for no reason, I realized I was thinking of you.

49) I miss you more than ever! I Don’t Know Why If You’re The One Who Broke My Heart.

50) Inside You. I Lose Them Without You, I Find Them, I Want To Get Lost Again.

51) I Just Wondered How You Are And If You Miss Me At All Because I Miss You. Very much !!!

52) I Planned To Say Many Things To You, But In The End, Everything I Combined Was It. I missed you.

53) I Will Remember You Until You Come Back But I Hope You Will Do It For Me By Getting Me Awesome Gifts.

54) I Want to Say. I missed you. But It Would Not Change Anything So I Will Continue To Pretend I Don’t Want To.

55) I miss you. No, Let Me Fix That, I Remember What You Did. I Remember You Old Whom You Care About Me.