• Once you first said ‘mom and dad’ it almost made us cry but we were happy. We wish you a cheerful birthday to my daughter, I like you cutiepie.!
  • We were happy but after you we were so happy and the way we do not feel without you because you’re our girl of the world! We wish you a contented birthday my princess!
  • wish you a lot of joy and love for the beloved girl, may God pour out his blessings upon you. We wish you a contented birthday dear!
  • To someone who has always heard my unspoken words, you’re the simplest person. Happy Birthday!
  • Best birthday sweetheart, all the fun is worth your share, thanks for always being with me! I really like you.
  • We enjoy the nice times we’ve got had and therefore the bad times we make fun of now. Having a family is often an honest thing, I hope you enjoy your niece’s birthday.
  • Your hugs make me feel comfortable, your arms make me feel safe and you’re the rationale for my happiness. Happy birthday dear hubby!
  • I like you baby, I wish you a lot of joy and wonder on your big day. Happy birthday my man!

Messages And quotes

happy birthday sweetheart
  • wishing you all the happiness and love in life; you have got been a good hero to us. Happy birthday dad, countless love and good luck!
  • within the pure soul that’s dear to you, your act of caring and love can make me happy each day, many thanks dear! Very happy birthday baby!
  • The day we became friends I knew it might last forever. We wish you a contented birthday!
  • May each season bring great joy. We wish you a awfully happy birthday.
  • May all the desires of your heart be fulfilled on this beautiful day. We wish you a really happy birthday.
  • May God provide you with the gifts of excellent health and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • Stop wondering the past and appearance to the longer term with hope and confidence. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday quotes

  • We wish you a prosperous future and physiological condition. Happy Birthday!
  • May your day be joyful and stuffed with love. Happy Birthday!
  • Wish you the simplest mom within the world a contented birthday.
  • May all of your wishes come true on this excellent day. Happy Birthday!
  • He came into my life as an admirer but soon became an integral a part of my life. We wish you a cheerful birthday, my dear.
  • A birthday could be a day once you should be happy. I hope you’ve got a decent one.
  • Your birthday Therefore, you will feel guilty about eating whatever you wish, having too many hours of sleep, and having an excessive amount of fun. Happy birthday friend..!
happy birthday cutie..!

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