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birthday wishes for someone special

Find out birthday wishes for someone special. We hope you enjoy these birthday wishes, messages, greetings and quotes from best friends and acquaintances.

  • “Woohoo! Cake, alcohol, and entertainment! Wow… I mean… happy birthday!
  • “There’s no way your birthday may be as happy as you. But I hope it’s close! happy birthday.”
  • “Through hardships and difficulties, you have got always supported me. Just know that I will be able to always be there once you need me. happy birthday.”
  • “There are friends so great friends, happy birthday to the simplest friend I can ask!”
  • “The most effective gift could be a gift of friendship. So, that’s what I took for your birthday! Don’t worry… I also brought you a true gift.”
  • “Your birthday! this implies that it’s visiting be the foremost corrupt time of the year, too. many birthday wishes for you.”
  • “Great friends who are friends who keep your embarrassing secrets a secret. thanks for always keeping my moments of pride”. happy birthday to a friend.

birthday wishes for love

  • “Hello, it is your birthday and that I just wanted to allow you to know that you just will never face an issue on your own. I’ll not be ready to solve all the issues but i will be able to always be here for you if you wish me.”
  • |once I remember all or any of the items we went through, I’m so thankful that I went through everything around me. Happy birthday to my ally who never let me go alone.”
  • “Hey, you! Your birthday! Cake! Candles! Drinks! Presentations! plenty of drinks! does one see how happy I am?”
  • “I like it when it is your birthday because it means we’ve an excellent reason to travel out and have fun! Let’s enjoy it!”
  • “you may never travel the globe alone. As long as my heartbeats, you will be with me.”
  • “As long as I’ve got a bed, you may have a crawling bed. It doesn’t matter what happens. you may always have an area if you would like it.”
  • “what’s a friend? You. he’s a lover. he’s my supporter. Best friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday”

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