• Without you, my life would be meaningless! you have got no idea what proportion your birthday means to me. Happy birthday my dear!
  • Add aspiring to my life. On your birthday, I wish you healthiness, happiness and success.
  • Happy birthday to you! And yes, i am unable to imagine life without you.
  • Happy Birthday! Please don’t change them. XOXO

Birthday Wishes Friends

  • May everyone see your labor, and you’ll find the success you deserve. I wish you a cheerful birthday.
  • God sent you on today so you’ll spread happiness my love. We are all happy to possess you in our lives. We wish you a contented birthday.
  • an acquaintance such as you is tough to search out. Happy Birthday!
  • She is a concept to several. I’m always trying to find you and trying to be someone such as you. On your big day, I wish you all the simplest.

Birthday Wishes for Sibling / Cousin

  • Growing up next to you has been an exquisite journey sister. I anticipate to spending the most effective days to return with you. Happy Birthday!
  • Only the lucky ones find your brother such as you. you’ve got no idea how wonderful it’s to be among those lucky people. Happy birthday bro!
  • The day you were born, it’ll always be my favorite day. May life always treat you wish a queen sister. Happy Birthday!
  • irrespective of how old you’re, you’ll always be my blood brother. I wish you a contented birthday!
  • I call myself lucky because i’m your sister. I wish you an exquisite birthday.

Birthday Wishes Partners

  • Working is fun for you. May you stay healthy, rich and smart and keep the office space healthy. Happy birthday!
  • You’re not just a workmate, but a real friend. I wish you a contented birthday!
  • Those that say partners cannot be friends, make a slip. And, he has proved that. May you have got an exquisite birthday.
  • One among the explanations for coming to the office is you. Your birthday and i am happy. Have a good co-worker, a fan and a colleague in crime.

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