Birthday poems

Your birthday and birthday remind me of you

That’s what I really want to say I’m so glad to know you;

I think of you every day. I hope you enjoy your birthday,

All the joys she has reserved for herself,

And because I appreciate you, I hope you have many more!

Joanna Fuchs

birthday wishes

Thirty today,

I seen The trees are burning a little

Candles on the cake,

When the sun sets in the sky, Temporary light,

But then there was time to wish Birthday Candle.

Donald Justice

birthday Wishes poems

My heart is like a song of a bird in a forest

of water;My heart is like an apple tree Its boughs

are bent with its fruit;

My heart is like a rainbow shell

That rowing the halcyon into the sea;My heart has

rejoiced over all these things,

Because my love has come to me.

I held up the daïs of silk and down; Hang it in vair and purple;

Carved on doves and pomegranates, And the wings for a hundred eyes; Work with gold and silver grapes, Leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys;

Because the birthday of my life We have come, my love has come to me. – Christina Rosetti

when the whole world seems to belong to you,

at that time, you have enough time to seek the higher truth

who would have thought that the stairs were so steep, slow to climb?

Aging carpets and worn-out kneecaps – and yet,

a blessed period of mental health: for those who wish,

a different sense of income; free selected universal work you can get;

yet you are most blessed: that soul bound by the earth to meet and greet, and to work the soil and its flowers; living with gratitude;

and scan all to find the One who testifies to our world.

As the years of iron yielded true gold, so our old age can find inside,

true youth. Birthday Celebration

Michael Shepherd

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