wishes for Mom

  • Happy birthday Mom, with heartfelt thanks and great love, to my wise, beautiful mother, just one.
  • You are my smile, Mama. I love you.
  • I wish my mom an honest day.
  • The longer I wait, the more I appreciate being with you about my mom.
  • I hope your birthday brings you time to relax, do your favorite things, and remember what quantity you’re keen on that. happy birthday
  • I don’t say enough, but it’s often true: i favor you, which i feel very fortunate to call you my mother. Happy birthday my life
  • Every day you have got got fun with our family all the ways you create us smile happy birthday with plenty of affection.
  • I wish i’ll somewhat be there to celebrate with you, Mama. Enjoy! I miss you!
  • Happy birthday from your favorites! (I don’t even should sign my name at the instant, right?)
  • With love from the rationale behind your many gray hairs.
  • Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope everything about today reminds you of how loved and loved you’re. Happy birthday

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